Best of 2016

Here are my best reads of 2016, not necessarily published in 2016.

Just Give Me a Reason by Rebecca Rogers Maher

A lovely story about a divorced dad and a single pregnant woman. Hot chemistry, realistic emotions, and two lost souls finding love.

Destiny’s Embrace by Beverly Jenkins

Where has Jenkins been all my life? I want more historical romances like this! Multicultural characters, authentic history, CA settings and great romance.

Wild Ones by Kristine Wyllys

This is a trainwreck type of romance between a bad girl bartender and a boxer hero. It sounds like a typical New Adult romance, but Wyllys’s writing stands out as superb.

Evelyn, After by Victoria Helen Stone

I can’t have a best of list without Dahl, writing her debut as Stone. I loved every second of this domestic suspense nailbiter.

The Right Kind of Trouble by Christina C. Jones

This author has such a strong voice. I read several of her books this year. I picked this one because I loved the characters, the dialogue, and the realistic look at college life.

Edge of Obsession by Megan Crane

Whoa, sexy! This pick is not for everyone, but I give it an A+ for worldbuilding, an intense hero, and hot stuff.

The Killing Game by Toni Anderson

Snow leopards, Russian villains and a sexy special forces hero. Yes please!

Wild Man’s Curse by Susannah Sandlin

I really enjoyed Sandlin’s strong, subtle RS novel featuring a game warden hero and a bayou beauty.

I hope you had a good reading year! Here’s to more great books in 2017.



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